Thursday, 11 August 2016

The positives of social media

I've been lost for blog ideas lately. You start up a blog and probably have an ocean of ideas. I still have some, but some are too personal for me to use just now but I know they will be better for reflection.Sorry that makes no sense!

However when surfing through twitter I noticed the hashtag #savetwitter, and upon reading it is reported that they are planning on closing down Twitter by 2017. If this is true, I think it is a huge shame. I'm an old soul in that I'm more interested in facebook, and still trying to get to grips with different social media platforms such as Instagram, pinterest, twitter and many more. I still don't have instagram but it is on the to-do list! 

That being said, I still enjoy twitter. I mostly use it to spy on celebrities, follow particular charities, look for jobs and contact some friends who use it more than facebook (only the odd couple there). I am using it more now that the blog is set-up because I use it for promoting the blog everytime I put something up. Not only that, but I use it to find other bloggers and gain tips on finding my voice (sorry that sounds so snobby...not sure that is the right word).

So why are they planning on closing down twitter? It is apparently due to bullying. If that is the case, why stop at Twitter? Stop mobile phones, close down facebook, get rid of emails, no more phones, paper or anything that anyone can possibly write mean things. It is ridiculous. I think sometimes there is too much negativity and mean words shared as opposed to positivity. Even I struggle to think positively, so I have compiled a list of why I think social media can be positive

1. It is an extra way to speak to friends and family
Ok, so there is email, text, phone calls, Skype and obviously meeting face-to-face, but what's wrong with another way? Me being a bit of a control-freak with communication, I like to know if someone has read what I've sent and Facebook can often provide me that. It means I can keep in touch with friends I've met abroad, family in other parts of England and the friends I miss too much to describe.

2. It helps charities and good causes promote their work, and further increase awareness
Volunteering and supporting a good few charities and not-for-profit organisations, I've learnt the difference it can make to them. It doesn't always bring in money, but it can; just think of the Ice Bucket Challenge or Bare Faced Selfie. It can often mean that more people hear about what they do, and can access the support they provide. It can mean that it encourages more people to consider fundraising or campaigning for the particular cause. I have gone on to volunteer or been inspired to fundraise from seeing certain social media postings.

3. It enables you to share good news
I am now at the age where everyone has things to celebrate from graduating to job promotions, and to make me feel like a child surrounded by adults friends, people are now getting engaged, married or popping out babies. Some are even having cute fur babies! From social media, these people have a way of archiving these previous moments to look back on.

4. It is another way of looking back at old memories
As I kind of touched on, you have a way of looking back at old times. The time you got engaged, your wedding day, your 10th wedding anniversary, graduating, getting that promotion, and all life's achievements.

5. It is a way for celebrities to communicate with their fans
Celebrities are able to communicate to their audience about launches of makeup, books, films or whatever. They can also share wonderful news like the birth of their child, getting married, or share holiday pictures to remind you that you're not lucky!

6. You hear the latest news
This is where time and time again I've heard of tragic news of further terrorist attacks, the murder of a beloved celebrity or anything worth knowing! At the moment I'm all about finding out about the Olympics.

7. You can meet new people, or learn about a new place
I know of people who have made friends with people via facebook. Although I haven't, I have joined groups which have helped a lot. For example, since moving to the island, I've joined a group called 'Island Newbies', where some people meet up, share learnings of moving and generally keep in touch. It helps know what's on, local news and things to do and see. That is where I have shared a lot of my island-related posts, and feel they have been most popular postings.

8. You learn about other people's perspectives on a range of topics
Although I can find it frustrating at times to hear people's political or religious views pushed upon me, I like to read a good debate. I also love getting to hear about TV programmes, films or events that people have gone to, and finding out more. For example, you always know when Orange is the New Black is on. I also get extra excited when I keep seeing people sharing that Gilmore Girls is coming back on Netflix. It will be like being 16 again! I loved that series and completely binge-watched it (thinking of writing a post about it when it comes out in November).

9. You find inspiration
I often see things on social media that inspire me, such as ideas for how to have my hair, hobbies to take up or great things to read and learn on Buzzfeed.

10. It can make you smile
When I'm feeling down or am bored, I often look at different memes like the one below. Most of them often involve animals funnily enough! One of my earlier blog posts showed some favourites I'd seen over the course of a week. If you wish to the post you may see it here.

I hope you liked this post. Tell me what you think of social media. Does it bring about positivity? Is it worth for-standing the negative aspects.

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