Friday, 19 August 2016

Famous Bus, Cowes Week & Many Photographs

So I thought about writing a post specific to Cowes Week, but then I realised I don't know enough to start and out of the entire week I only did so much. I saw the Red Arrows; went to Cowes for one of the days, where I had crepes, bought a necklace and listened to some talented live music which I didn't like that much.

However today I learnt is World Photo Day, and as someone who loves to take pictures, I thought it was worth celebrating with a look at the best pictures I've taken (well on this phone that I've had a little over a year).


These are my favourite pictures from the last time I visited Glasgow. The top picture is a beautiful piece of street art, and the bottom is a picture that I loved when I visited the Gallery of Modern Art. If you ever Glasgow, it is a must-see. I've visited twice and feel I never see it all. Beautiful!

Lovely Views

These are some lovely pictures I've taken including the second picture which I took on the ferry from Southampton to Cowes, when I initially moved to the island. I also took a picture of a drone; my Dad's to be exact; it's where he takes better pictures than me. Maybe a love for photographs runs in the family!

Spice Girls Bus

When I was told that the Spice Girls bus was on the island, I knew I had to see it! It was like being 5 again. I loved them when I was a little girl; watched the film (which the bus is from) and even had all the band member dolls. I love them! When I think of 90s, I can't help but think of them. They were powerful women who promoted "girl power". (For full disclosure the two with me and the bus were taken by my Dad)

Barton Manor

These are my favourite pictures taken from a recent fundraising event that I attended in aid of Earl Mountbatten Hospice. For more detail about this, you may wish to read my post here.

Cowes Week

These are my favourite pictures that I took last Friday at Cowes Week. I think it captures it all from seeing the yachts, sailing, food etc.

Red Arrows

Technically this is still part of Cowes Week, but thought the Red Arrows deserved a separate category. I loved it so much that I've done a post about it here. Mostly it is my favourite pictures!


I love animals the most, and although the phrase: "Don't work with children or animals" springs to mind, I adore taking pictures of them. These are my favourites. Granted the sand elephant isn't real, I thought I'd throw it in for good measure! 

Hope you liked the post and hope you can share your favourite pictures today too!


  1. I love street art! I saw some pretty cool artwork in the Algarve last year :)

  2. and the doggie is the cutest pics :)

  3. A lovely selection of photos I'd love to visit Glasgow

  4. I had no idea that there was even street art in Glasgow but that makes me determined to visit it at some point x

  5. Can't believe you saw the Spice Girls bus! That's so cool x

  6. Taking pictures is a such a fun and relaxing hobby and you have captured some very lovely shots. I love the ones of the Red Arrows x

  7. Some great photos, the red arrow ones are awesome x

  8. I do enjoy taking photos although I must admit I'm not very good at it. Yours seem much better than mine ;-)

  9. I love the red arrows photo. When I was at Uni, I was lucky enough to see them train above me in the skies every week x

  10. Great pics! So cool you got to see the Spice Girls bus.

  11. Some amazing photos here, seeing the spice girls bus must of been so awesome

  12. Some lovely photos here - love that you got to see to Spice Girls bus x